Tiffany Trump Hasn’t Started Reading Ivanka’s Book But She Totally Will Soon

Tiffany Trump may or may not have styled her outfit to match Women Who Work. Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/tiffanytrump

If you know anything about Tiffany Trump, you know that she idolizes her older half-sister, Ivanka, who represents everything Tiffany aspires to, including — but not limited to — “a brand and a personality and consistency in her Instagram.” So it’s natural that Tiffany — a woman who does not work — would pick up a copy of Women Who Work, Ivanka’s new handbook for female CEOs (and no one else).

As for actually reading the book, well, Tiffany can’t wait to start! And she totally will! Very soon! And it’s going to be great!

Tiffany Trump Will Totally Start Reading Ivanka’s Book Soon