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The Presidency Is Reportedly Making Trump Gain Weight and Withdraw Emotionally

President Donald Trump buttons his jacket as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gazes into the distance. Photo: TIZIANA FABI/AFP/Getty Images

You know when you go on vacation and leave everything behind for a while, only to return and realize that the circumstances are exactly the same and you’re trapped in an inescapable prison of your own design otherwise known as your life? That’s apparently what’s happening to Donald Trump, who returned from his first overseas trip only to realize that his presidency was still a mess, marred by blustering incompetence, staff infighting, uncontrollable leaks, and that whole Russia controversy.

A new report by CNN’s Gloria Borger reveals that the job is making Trump — never a frail man — pack on the pounds, and allegedly feel quite lonely in the process.

“He now lives within himself, which is a dangerous place for Donald Trump to be,” says someone who speaks with the President. “I see him emotionally withdrawing. He’s gained weight. He doesn’t have anybody whom he trusts.”

At least he’ll always have his two scoops of ice cream to comfort him at night.

The Presidency Is Reportedly Making Trump Gain Weight