17 Good Things for a Man to Wear, As Demonstrated by Justin Theroux

Justin Theroux. Photo: Courtesy of HBO

After three groundbreaking seasons, Damon Lindelof’s The Leftovers will end its run this weekend. One of the most ambitious and unusual TV shows ever made, The Leftovers was a profound meditation on grief, trauma, love, faith, and human nature, which has spawned many thoughtful and introspective takes from the critical community as they wrestled with its expansive vision.

This is not one of those takes.

If you haven’t watched The Leftovers, you might not yet be fully aware that Justin Theroux is both very hot and a very good actor. He’s good at panicking, he’s good at crying, he’s good at running and karaoke-ing and completing missions in elaborate dreamscapes. He’s also good at wearing clothes. In fact, over the course of The Leftovers’ three seasons, Justin wore many clothes (and sometimes no clothes at all), and looked good pretty much the whole time. Sometimes, when I wasn’t busy pondering the futility of human existence or the punishing randomness of fate, I would catch a glimpse of Justin Theroux in a loose-fitting tee or a particularly flattering pair of sweatpants and I would think, damn, that is a really good thing for a man to wear, and feel grateful that I got the chance to see this man wearing it.

See for yourself.

17 Good Things for a Man to Wear, As Worn by Justin Theroux