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You’re Not Imagining Things: Blue-Striped Shirts Are Everywhere

Not every trend trickles down from the runway to your local mall but those that do tend to be everywhere. They wiggle their way into your brain until you start obsessively hunting for the perfect one. Now Trending is our weekly roundup of the thing that’s been haunting you.

Remember the blue gingham men’s shirt that was everywhere two years ago? The one you saw on at least five different guys at the same bar? Well, welcome to the women’s version of that trend. If it seems like blue-striped tops are in every store and all over Instagram, you’re not seeing things. It’s the product of a perfect storm of influences. Begin with the color — that shade of blue isn’t a coincidence, it’s one of Pantone’s 2016 predictions (the other being millennial pink). Dubbed Serenity, designers like Monse, Balenciaga, and Off-White found themselves using it in their striped creations before it trickled down to your favorite fast-fashion spots. And since it’s familiar (we’ve all owned a striped button-up at some point in our lives), it’s easy to wear one and still feel like yourself — albeit a bit hipper. So if you’re thinking you want to get in on this trend, scroll down to shop some of our favorites.

For $32 this shirt pulls triple duty: Wear it with black pants for the office, jeans and sandals on the weekends, and as a cover-up on your next vacation.

If you’re into bell sleeves but want to wear them in a more practical way, this top is the happy medium since the sleeves aren’t too large and distracting.

A wrap tie allows you to adjust and reveal as much cleavage as you want without overexposure. Wear it with cropped pants and fancy flats.

For a more sophisticated take, consider this top that has a high collar and boxier fit that’s appropriate for work.


This is a daintier take on the trend, with soft ruffles and a romantic high neckline. The sleeves have cinched flounced cuffs so you can push them up when it’s too hot and leave them down come fall.


You can wear it as a shirt but if you want to take it up a notch take a cue from the runway and tuck in one side into your jeans, or wear as a duster over a slip dress.


This slightly off-the-shoulder trend has even found itself on Michelle Obama, so you know it’s good. We like Theory’s tailored version — just add a strapless bra.

This one-shoulder shirt is the most expensive on this list but that’s because it’s a runway piece, which are generally pricier. Between the dramatic triple ruffle and the askew buttons, it’s an attention-getting look.

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You’re Not Imagining It: Blue-Striped Shirts Are Everywhere