Cat-Eyes Are Boring. Try This Easy Upgrade.

The Face Race pits some of the best makeup artists in New York City against each other in a seven-minute makeup challenge. The catch? They don’t know which look New York’s senior beauty editor Ashley Weatherford will request until moments before the clock starts ticking.

The cat-eye is standard fare for makeup, but over time, the classic look can become a bit tired. That’s why the mega cat-eyes a few seasons ago at Anna Sui were such a hit. Thick wings amplified the drama on the lids, while pint-size circles lined the waterline beneath the eyes.

The Cut got makeup artists Candace Sheppard and Camara Aunique to show how you can tackle this runway look at home in a matter of minutes.

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Producers: Madison Mills, Kenny Wassus; Beauty editor: Ashley Weatherford; Market editor: Lindsay Peoples; Hairstylist: Tamara Laureus.

Cat-Eyes Are Boring. Try This Easy Upgrade.