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Cool Sunglasses Don’t Have to Cost More Than $50

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Sometimes it’s the cheap finds that bring the most joy to getting dressed. Cheap and Cheerful is a weekly column that highlights the chicest, most inexpensive finds. Because spending less to look good is the greatest satisfaction.

Splurging on a cool pair of sunglasses comes with a few risks. You could lose a screw, scratch the lenses, or, worst of all, misplace them in a cab, never to be found again. As a shades addict, I’ve learned to curtail my irrational spending habits by finding cheaper, more affordable pairs that look equally good. The best part of this plan is that you can let your inner trend-chaser go wild and experiment with fleeting styles. Maybe you want a crazy cat-eye or those increasingly popular ‘90s-inspired oval lenses? This is your chance to dabble without long-term commitment. Scroll below to shop our favorites, all $50 or less.

Unless you look closely, you can’t tell these are under $15. The gold-tone metal frames give them an expensive appearance while the metal brow bar is a trend seen in designer sunglasses.

The squiggle motif here is really unique. Wear them when you want to dress up a simple shirt and jeans.

’90s-style, Kurt Cobain–esque frames are back.

Here’s a chance to play with two trends in one pair of shades. The swooping cat-eye shape and yellow-tinted lenses are very Instagram friendly.

If you’d rather try a more classic pair of yellow-tinted sunglasses, these aviators are a good bet.

It’s a fact: Candy-red sunglasses make any outfit look interesting, so here’s an inexpensive way to get the look.

Yes these are an obvious riff off of Gucci’s wildly popular, $760, crazy embellished sunglasses, but if you’ve been dying to try them here’s your chance.

When your style is more minimalist, these interesting tortoiseshell sunglasses, with their futuristic rounded shape, are a nice addition to your closet.

Black sunglasses can look heavy for the summer, so why not go lighter with a pair of translucent frames and marigold lenses? Les Specs usually start out in the $50 range, so this is a good price.

I’ve been trying to get my hands on a pair of Adam Selman x Les Specs cat-eye shades for months. They’re a dramatic cat-eye shape similar to those you’d find in the ‘50s but they’re super popular with celebs so they always sell out. These satisfy my craving … for now.

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Cool Sunglasses Don’t Have to Cost More Than $50