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They Don’t Want You to Watch This Supercut of DJ Khaled’s Dance Moves

Does the D in DJ stand for “dancing”?

When you’re DJ Khaled, the whole world is a party. That golf course? A party. Your local supermarket? A party. The swampy, alligator-infested wetlands of South Florida? If there isn’t already a party there, DJ Khaled is going to start it.

And one thing a DJ Khaled party cannot go without is some of the hitmaker’s finest, most erratic dance moves. A salsa, perhaps, or a hot-potato foot shuffle. Or, like we saw in Khaled’s newest video for “Wild Thoughts,” a sort of spout-handed motion that is akin to a roll of a dice followed by a mimed hair slicking. You think you can dance as wildly as this? Don’t play yourself.

DJ Khaled’s son, Asahd, might have taken the crown as king of summer, but his dear old pops is indisputably lord of the dance.

They Don’t Want You to Watch DJ Khaled’s Best Dance Moves