Like the Fedora-Wearing Tinder Date of Your Nightmares, These Dolphins Wear Hats to Attract a Mate

Photo-Illustration: Photos: Getty Images

There’s a reason the pick-up artist tactic “peacocking,” in which a man dons a flashy item of clothing at the bar as a ploy to attract women, is named after a move from the animal kingdom. Now dolphins are joining the ranks of peacocks and Tom Haverford and giving it a try. According to the Australian Broadcasting Company, very resourceful male humpback dolphins have resorted to wearing sea sponges as hats to attract female mates. They’re even striking a “banana pose” with their heads and tail lifted from the water while the sponge rests daintily on their forehead.

The Telegraph reported there’s a reason dolphins aren’t making their hats out of algae. Sponges are difficult to rip from the depths of the sea floor and the token proves their masculine strength. But female dolphins aren’t impressed.

“Every time we’ve seen it so far, the females appear to essentially ignore the males,” Dr. Simon Allen told ABC. “Upon rejection, the male dolphins have thrown the sponges at the females.”

Sounds like just another night at the bar.

Male Dolphins Are Wearing Sponge Hats to Impress Females