Donald Trump Wears His Watch Way Too Tight

President Trump’s distinctive watch band. Photo: Patrick McMullan

Much has been said about Donald Trump’s hands — that they’re smaller than average; that they predict the size of other parts of his anatomy; that they’re the most beautiful hands. But while we’ve been focused on the president’s fingers, we’d so far overlooked the area two inches up his arm, where he wears his watch. Thankfully, Twitter users were on hand Sunday to correct this lapse:

Judging by the photos, it looks like the president wears his watch this tight on purpose.

Photo: Patrick McMullan
Photo: 2014 Chris Condon/PGA TOUR
Photo: 2013 Getty Images
Photo: 2013 MCT
Photo: 2012 Getty Images
Photo: 2012 Stan Badz/PGA TOUR
Photo: Getty Images

The good news is that this might explain why he gives such over-the-top handshakes: Maybe he just can’t feel his fingers.

Donald Trump’s Watchband Is Very, Very Tight