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Instagram Fitness Model Killed by Exploding Whipped-Cream Canister

If you constantly feel anxious that you could be killed at any moment by the most banal of household objects, this story will give you one more thing to worry about. French Instagram fitness model and lifestyle blogger Rebecca Burger died in a freak accident when a pressurized whipped-cream canister she was using exploded and hit her in the chest.

The incident occurred on Saturday and caused her to go into cardiac arrest; she was rushed to the hospital, where she died on Sunday. Her family announced it on Wednesday and warned of potential similar accidents. It’s believed that she was using a canister model that had been recalled.

“Here’s an example of the cartridge/siphon from whipped cream that exploded and struck Rebecca’s chest, killing her,” the caption reads. “Take note: the cartridge that caused her death was sealed. Do not use this type of device in your home! Tens of thousands of these appliances are still in circulation.”

Burger was 33.

Instagram Fitness Model Killed by Whipped-Cream Canister