Man Calls 911 to Try to Get a Ride to Hooters

Hooters. Photo: Laura Kalcheff#122208/Moment Editorial/Getty Images

There are some places that call out to a man, that set off a yearning in his soul and force him do whatever it takes to reach them. For one Florida man — and probably several other Florida men too — that place is Hooters.

28-year-old Jonathan Clayton Hinkle of Brevard County experienced such a need to journey to the local breastaurant and wing emporium on Tuesday that, like a modern-day Odysseus, he called 911 to get a ride there. To convince the dispatcher it was urgent, he allegedly told them that his grandmother had a stroke in the parking lot; three hours into searching for his grandmother, deputies discovered that was not the case.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, “Deputies later found Hinkle at a Burger King helping his girlfriend with her vehicle,” and arrested him for misusing 911.

He has since been released, and is free to continue his arduous quest.

Man Calls 911 to Try to Get a Ride to Hooters