Wonder Woman Looks to Take You From the Battlefield to the Club

Photo: Warner Bros./DC Entertainment

As Game of Thrones fans know, nobody in the Seven Kingdoms can rival Daenerys Targaryen when it comes to her impressive collection of going-out tops. But after seeing Wonder Woman, I think I’ve finally found a squad who can give Dany and her wardrobe a run for their money: the Amazons of Themyscira, the all-female paradise where Wonder Woman spends her formative years. On Themyscira, there are no men, all the women are warrior goddesses, and the dress code is 24-7 fabulousness — all-gold bodysuits and leather corsets and snakeskin bustiers and sumptuous fur stoles — the perfect transitional wardrobe for a busy woman on a night out.

Unfortunately, 20 minutes into the movie, Wonder Woman has to leave the island and head to WWI-era Europe, where everyone is constantly trying to take her look from fab to drab by cloaking her in unflattering Victorian garb. Thankfully, even in the world of men and mortals, Wonder Woman’s style cannot be contained. She is, truly, always ready for the club.

See for yourself.

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