Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of June 12

Illustration: Jen May

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On Friday, Neptune goes retrograde, and it won’t go direct again until November. Neptune retrograde can make you sensitive, vulnerable, and wise. When this happens, when your own heart feels too tender to touch, when your own skin feels exposed under the moon, you might finally start seeing clearly again.

Aries: When you find that certain avenues are blocked, this week, or when you find that your space has become limited, what kinds of movement will you rediscover? What kinds will you find for the very first time? You’ve learned how to live in the world you were given, and you’ve learned how to find its wildness, and its sweetness. Now, the skies are shifting, and you’re being asked for something different. Try not to be afraid.

Taurus: It’s okay to accept kindness even when it’s imperfect, when it’s small, when it’s not enough. The world is only imperfect, and so are you. You don’t have to strive toward some mythic, icy independence. There’s no special honor in keeping your heart cold; it won’t save you from pain. This week, you can let yourself be moved.

Gemini: How will you recover your sense of expansiveness, your sense of possibility? It’s easy to feel like the world is shrinking to one point, one moment, one tiny, unhappy story. When the life available to you feels as small and withered as this, what courage will you summon to keep living fully? There’s so much life, and there’s so much that might still happen. It’s a week to go somewhere you’ve never been before, or a week to read stories about strange futures.

Cancer: When all your strength stops working, when your energy feels dim, it’s okay to let small acts and repetitive motions pull you through the day. Even when you’re at a loss, there’s still a living world to tend, and if you sweep the floors, if you weed the garden, if you take out the recycling, you’re living like there’s still a future. None of that care you put into the world vanishes, or falls down a hole somewhere, or evaporates into the hot summer sky.

Leo: You can practice speaking up, again and again. You can practice standing up when your legs feel weak, when your face feels hot, when a whole room full of people turns, surprised, to look at you. There’s morality and there’s courage, and there’s even art, love, and what are they all made of but practice? This is a week for building your power, for practicing your courage, for doing what you can and trying again.

Virgo: There are so many people who will tell you they hold the answers you seek, but there are still so few real answers on this earth, and even this is okay. You don’t need to hear every sound, or speak every language, or hold all of history inside your head. Try to give yourself some space for yearning. Try to give yourself the time to travel without knowing your destination. There isn’t a final answer, there’s only feeling and trying without end.

Libra: A human heart grows used to a certain way of beating, and a human mind keeps practicing the electrical impulses it knows best, but these aren’t the only ways to know the world. These aren’t the only methods for feeling. This week, you can listen to songs you haven’t heard before. You can breathe when your impulse is to scream, or shout when your impulse is to sleep. This is a week to find your way out of your habits, to awaken something different in your heart.

Scorpio: What heroes are you searching for, this week? What lights are you looking for to guide you? It’s so hard, sometimes, to name the thing you seek; it’s difficult even to acknowledge that you’re seeking. But even in these strange times, there’s still forward motion, and there’s something drawing your forward. You can’t know what will happen next, but as long as you have a past, you’ll have a future, too. As long as you have a memory, you have an imagination for the days ahead.

Sagittarius: This week, you don’t have to let your desires lead you. You don’t have to live your whole life based only on what you want. This doesn’t mean it’s anything other than a gift, to have a body and a mind that can know desire. But that isn’t the only way to know what to do. You can live a good life without ever knowing what you want. Feelings aren’t the only map, the only guideposts. There’s a whole world of other people you can look to, so look to them.

Capricorn: How will you live in relation to your neighbors? How will you live in relation to the soil? How will you live in relation to the people who ride the bus beside you, and the people who grow your food, and the little weeds that grow in your garden? This is a week for rediscovering connectedness, for learning how to move through places you forgot you knew. There’s nothing soft, nothing maudlin, nothing cheap about real kindness. There’s nothing small or simple about living as honestly as you can in this world full of other people.

Aquarius: How do you prepare for something you can’t see? There are people to turn to, and there are people to trust, and this doesn’t mean they can carry you out of here. The world is shifting, and the rivers will fall and rise. Air can turn into water, and water can become air, and here we stand in the middle, waiting. The world won’t get easier, but it might still get better.

Pisces: Your bad feelings won’t save you, and they won’t even hold the sun up in the sky. They won’t anchor trees in the soil, and they won’t summon a force field to keep you safe. They’re there to be felt fully, and that’s all. They’re there, maybe, to point the way. There’s no safety to be found in guarding yourself against any joy in your heart. It’s okay to feel pain and it’s okay to feel fear, but it won’t be these feelings that carry you back to shore.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of June 12