Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of June 19

Illustration: Jen May

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On Wednesday, the sun and Mercury enter Cancer, and on Friday, there’s a new moon in Cancer. This is the gift of a spinning world, a traveling world. There’s change, and then there’s rest. How, as the moon grows brighter, will you become yourself again?

Aries: Sometimes, the moment you think you have an answer, the question quietly, subtly shifts. Sometimes, the minute you believe you’ve found what you were looking for, the ground you walk on goes a little slanted, a little strange. It isn’t such a bad thing to have days like this. Some days are for walking on solid ground, and some days are for flight, and there’s nothing wrong with either one.

Taurus: It’s impossible to live in a world like ours without bending or changing or letting your own self down, and this week, remember that’s all okay. Drink a glass of cold water, or swim in the cool ocean, or sit on the porch in the evening, when the air starts to cool down. You’re still wilder than so many of the barriers out there. You still get to define how brave you want to be, and how kind.

Gemini: This is a week for crossing rivers, for crossing town, for crossing between whole worlds. It’s a strange, in-between place to be, and the air is thin — there’s magic here, but there’s weirdness, too. Look for the lines that form the bounds of your world, until you step across. You’re on one side until suddenly, you make a change. There’s fear that comes with this kind of motion, but the courage and the joy still burn brighter.

Cancer: You might feel some pressure releasing, some tension easing. You might feel something that was heavy in your guts suddenly grow light again; you might feel a dense gray fog start to lift. This week, let go of the burdens that are ready to let go of you. Breathe out until your lungs are empty, and breathe in again in the clear night air. If you’re looking to get out from under this weird heavy gloom, the time could be right now.

Leo: Are you getting the love you really need, and are you giving what you need to give? It’s so hard to tell, sometimes, and when the balance is off, it’s so hard to live as gently and as bravely as you want. What will you do to keep your blood flowing? What will you do to keep your feelings in motion?

Virgo: Try to remember the best change you ever chose for yourself. Try to remember the last big risk you took, and how it blazed into life and brought new movement to the inside of your head. This week, when you’re resting, when you’re feeling soft, or when you’re stuck in a boredom that seems it’ll never end — remember how quickly you can spring to life again. You’ve done it before.

Libra: There’s this fear that sneaks up sometimes: when, for all your brightness, you feel you’re being forgotten, that for all your goodness, you’re being overlooked. It tastes like dirt and smells like metal, this feeling of not being known. Remind yourself that it’s okay to work quietly, to hold on to your secrets, to bloom under the moonlight. You’re no less brilliant, you’re no less alive. There are worse things than waiting to be seen.

Scorpio: You can make a choice, you can commit to a path, and neither of those decisions mark any kind of end. There’s no one choice that marks an end to other choices. You can choose, and you can act, and then watch the new possibilities branch out before you. Try not to hold back, or be afraid. You can try and you can live and you can always change your mind.

Sagittarius: This is a week for keeping records, for preserving your memories, for bearing witness. It isn’t easy. There’s so much to see and so much to hold, and memory doesn’t always look like a photograph. Some memories are meant to be held inside a person’s skin. Some are meant to be written; some are meant to be spoken aloud. You aren’t big enough to keep the archives of everything you’ve ever seen or known, and that’s okay. This isn’t your work to do alone.

Capricorn: Remember, this week, that clarity isn’t the only gift the world can give you. Remember that sharpness and intellect aren’t the only tools for knowing. It’s possible to know a life through touch. It’s possible to know a life through confusion. It’s possible to fill your whole heart with the wild and unsure openness that is love’s best gift. Uncertainty leaves space for a future to grow, for time to bloom and unfold. When there’s hesitation, when there’s doubt, there’s room for hope.

Aquarius: It’s so easy to get used to your own self, to get tired of your own skin. It’s so easy to forget how good you are, and how wild — you’ve grown accustomed to your own magic. This week, you can try going somewhere else, where you’ll be thrown into relief against a new backdrop. You can try doing something different, something that’ll remind you of the limits of your muscles, and remind you of the bright spark you already carry.

Pisces: This week, watch the world around you in motion — the fields rolling past, the highways stretching the country, your dreams and desires surging and flowing like the sea. It can be hard, sometimes, for another person to see all the movement inside your chest. It can be hard, sometimes, for you to recognize this even within your own self. But remember, everyone is allowed some rest, including you.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of June 19