Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of June 26

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Chiron is one of the stranger heavenly bodies, classified both as a planet and a comet, moving along a slow, uneven orbit. On Saturday, it goes retrograde in Pisces. Chiron is a planet of wounding, and of healing. In the face of pain, what kind of healing can you begin?

Aries: This week, the best things won’t come from charging ahead. There are days made for discovery and days meant for wild leaps, but sometimes stillness feels as strange as anything else. Sometimes, all it takes is putting together the pieces you already have. You’ve been alive so long already, and you’ve seen so much. The people who came before you have seen even more than that. It’s not up to you to make the whole world new again.

Taurus: How are you willing to know this world? This is a week for seeing clearly through the shadows, and clearly through the sun’s harsh brightness, too. Here, the sky might be blue and the leaves still moving and shaking in the wind, but what else can you see? If there’s a way to relate to the world with more honesty, or with more risk, or with more love, this is the time to find it.

Gemini: If you pay attention, you might notice changes, small and quiet, drifting in with the clouds and the sea. The days have started getting shorter — can you feel it? There are plants still waiting to bloom — do you feel them, waiting, preparing their energy? Underground, the soil is shifting and alive. A change doesn’t need to look like a total eclipse. Sometimes it doesn’t look like anything at all until it bursts into color. Keep your eyes open.

Cancer: Even now, the world holds some kind of sweetness for you — some kind of soft feeling, some kind of bright gift. Think of the funny moments with your friends, late at night. Think of the quiet moments at the edge of the sea. There’s goodness left, even as the world tilts and darkens, and some of it lives in you. This week, imagine a joy that doesn’t belong to you alone. What will you do with what you’ve been given? How will you let this goodness expand?

Leo: You are who you are, and you know this already. You’re made of charm and you’re made of wisdom, and there are whole generations of cruelty and sorrow written on your bones. And with a will as strong and wild as yours, it’s easy to imagine that you’re stuck this way, molded into this one shape forever. There’s not one thing in your soul that needs to be changed, but it’s not too late, if you want, to change the way you move through the world.

Virgo: Remind yourself, again: You don’t have to do everything. You’re getting stronger and you’re getting braver, and even now, even after all this practice, you can still only do as much as you can do. You deserve good friends and clean water and rest. You deserve a world better than this one, and it’s okay to grieve when the work you do doesn’t seem to be enough. You still get to keep trying.

Libra: There’s not one single thing in the world that is easy right now, not even dreaming and not even love, but still you can keep living. Even if you don’t know the answers, and even if you won’t live forever, you can still live through this. There’s a blue sky full of clouds, and a black sky full of stars. There’s a world full of light and water and other people. The world’s goodness isn’t enough right now, but it might be someday.

Scorpio: This is a week for unrecognized faces and unidentified trees, for unknown sorrows and unknown pleasures, for the whole, bright world full of things you don’t have to name. You don’t have to fit any of these mysteries into theories of good and evil. There’s a place for codes and systems, and there’s goodness in knowledge, but this week, if they get in the way, if they bring you sorrow and no clarity, it’s okay just to feel.

Sagittarius: Some weeks are for moving through discomfort. Some weeks are for clarifying again who you are and where you’re going. Do you need to open the parts of you that have closed like a fist? Do you need to maintain the boundaries that keep you safe and free? Just keeping your balance requires so much work, and keeping your goodness requires even more, but even this strangeness is worth it.

Capricorn: You might feel a shift in the ways you’re willing to see the world, or else a shift in the ways the world is willing to show itself to you. This is a week for a new kind of vision, a week to be haunted by a different story, moved by a different song. You don’t have to know everything already. You don’t have to be prepared for all scenarios, equipped already with all of history. You just have to be observant — willing to look, willing to see, willing to change.

Aquarius: This is a week for skepticism, maybe, a week for some kind of doubt. You don’t have to believe what you’re told just because you’ve been told it. You don’t need to let every idea make a home inside you. The world is big and the moon shines bright and it’s not always easy to live here. It’s not always easy to live among so many other people. You don’t have to value every word that’s ever been spoken aloud, and this, too, is a way of loving the world.

Pisces: Sometimes it’s hard to even recognize loneliness — it takes so many different shapes, and it moves and morphs so quickly. Sometimes it’s hard to recognize a thing even when it takes up space in your own chest, even when it makes it hard for you to breathe. There’s no quicker way to lose heart than to imagine you’re the only one who’s ever felt this way, to imagine you have to live your whole life alone. It isn’t a bad thing to feel loneliness. Try to just let it move through you.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of June 26