Miles Teller Has an Interesting Excuse for His Public-Intoxication Arrest

Miles Teller. Photo: 2017 Getty Images

After a rather unflattering Esquire profile in 2015, actor Miles Teller embarked on a campaign to try to convince the world that he is not actually a “dick.” Likewise, Teller is now attempting to convince us all that his recent arrest for public intoxication is not actually his fault. Instead, he’d like to blame a bar for his behavior.

TMZ reported on Monday that Teller was arrested and booked for misdemeanor public intoxication in San Diego, after a cop noticed him struggling to stand up on the sidewalk. Teller was allegedly uncooperative and almost fell into traffic, so the cop apparently arrested him, kept him in jail for around four hours, and released him without bail. The Fantastic Four star later tweeted that he was visiting a friend who was about the be deployed, and that he was not arrested — he was merely detained and not charged with a crime (but TMZ still contends that the police said he was arrested and that a mug shot was taken).

As TMZ notes, Teller also tweeted, “I blame the Shore Club,” the bar where he was drinking prior to his alleged arrest, signifying that he seems to believe it was the bar’s responsibility to cut him off. How positively un-dickish.

Miles Teller Blames a Bar for His Public-Intoxication Arrest