We Can’t Wait to See the Monica Lewinsky-Linda Tripp Movie

Monica Lewinsky, Linda Tripp. Photo: Getty Images

In one of the most stunning betrayals in recent history, former Pentagon employee Linda Tripp recorded her phone conversations with friend Monica Lewinsky — you know, the conversations in which White House intern Lewinsky admitted in great detail to having sexual relations with President Bill Clinton — and turned them over to Ken Starr, effectively kicking off a massive scandal that ruined her friend’s life for years to come. Over two decades later, that story is getting the film treatment: Deadline reports that Amazon Studios acquired a script called Linda and Monica.

Written by Flint Wainess and produced by Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal, and Steve Tisch, the film will detail the two women’s friendship — and its swift, dramatic disintegration. Considering how Lewinsky’s final statement at her grand jury testimony was, “I hate Linda Tripp,” they’ll certainly have plenty of material to work with.

We Can’t Wait to See This Monica Lewinsky-Linda Tripp Movie