Short Ken and 19 Other Alternative Ken Dolls

A bushel of Kens. Photo: Courtesy of Barbie/Mattel

It’s a new dawn for Ken: Barbie’s plastic, neutered companion has been reimagined to include a variety of different body types — the larger one being “broad,” not husky — and racial backgrounds. He can come dressed in that J.Crew gingham shirt, or sporting a man bun. And just as new Ken contains multitudes, we found even more possibilities for alternative Kens.

For instance:

● Short Ken

● DJ Ken

● Fuckboy Ken

● Instagram Boyfriend Ken

● Cat Dad Ken

● Divorced Dad Ken

● SoulCycle Ken

● Yoga Ken

● Acoustic Guitar Guy at a Party Ken

● Burning Man Ken

● Gave You Crabs at a Hostel Ken

● Always on His Phone During Meetings Ken

● Stand-up Comedian Ken

● Owns the Entire Criterion Collection Ken

● Just Doing Dog Walking Until He Hears Back About His Novel Ken

● Oh You Mean This Copy of We Should All Be Feminists Poking Out of My Pocket? Ken

● Open Relationship Ken

● Backburner Ken

● Always Slides Into Your DMs Ken

● Cuck Ken

Short Ken and 19 Other Alternative Ken Dolls