Take a Strange, Surreal Trip Through Some of Pre-Fall’s Most Interesting Looks

Photo: Christine Hahn

After working with stylist Majid Karrouch in Amsterdam’s red light district, photographer Christine Hahn partnered up with him again, this time back in New York City. Taking on pre-fall’s best patterned and textured clothes, the duo decided to go on a strange, surreal trip. Dresses were piled over more dresses or skirts, which were then worn with trousers for an unconventional approach to layering. To stand up to all the unique styling, the hair and makeup took on a similarly quirky approach in the form of mirrored faces, dramatic headpieces, and whimsical evening scenes painted directly on the skin. Click ahead to check it all out.

Photography by Christine Hahn. Styling by Majid Karrouch. Makeup by Chiao Li Hsu. Hair by Helen Reavey. Hair assistant: Jasmin Lampinen. Production assistant: Rachael Nelson. Casting by Chloe Rosolek.

Take a Surreal Trip With Pre-Fall’s Most Interesting Looks