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Pregnant Olympic Runner Alysia Montaño Is a Real Wonder Woman

Photo: Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Much like Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot, Olympic runner Alysia Montaño isn’t the type of person to let a little thing like pregnancy stop her from doing her thing.

Montaño, who is five-months pregnant, ran in the Track and Field Nationals this week, where she wore a Wonder Woman half-shirt exposing her midriff. In the Team USA newsletter, she said she was “super stoked” after seeing the movie. “I wanted Wonder Woman to represent me … When I found out [star Gal Gadot] filmed half the movie five months pregnant, I said, ‘I for sure am signing up for USA nationals,’” she said. “I don’t define myself as a runner,” Montano told Team USA. “I really define myself as a fighter for good. And I see that playing true in running.”

This isn’t the first time Montaño has competed while pregnant; she ran the same event in 2014 while eight-months pregnant with her daughter Linnea, who greeted her at the finish line.

Pregnant Olympic Runner Alysia Montaño Is a Wonder Woman