Selena Gomez Has an Incredibly Strong Wig Game in the ‘Bad Liar’ Video

Selena Gomez just dropped the music video for her song “Bad Liar,” and the creative vision behind it seems to be “Selena wanted to play dress up in 1970s kitsch.” Selena plays an angsty teen, two teachers at her high school (one of whom is her own philandering dad, and the other is the hot gym teacher he’s cheating on his wife with), and her unhappy mom who probably knows her no-good husband is stepping out on her. The wig game in this video is incredibly strong, with the gym teacher going full Farrah Fawcett, and the no-account dad basically wearing Nick Offerman’s complete Ron Swanson head of hair. Teen Selena is driven to her angst in part by a secret crush on her hottie gym teacher, who remember, she also plays. So, Selena’s fantasy girl is a version of herself with blonde, feathered hair. Let’s hope the Weeknd was involved in all the storyboarding.

Selena Gomez Has a Strong Wig Game in the ‘Bad Liar’ Video