This Woman’s Terrible Financial Advice Is Like The Secret for Playing Yourself

Simone Milasis. Photo: facebook

Perhaps you’re facing crushing student-loan debt, are way behind on credit-card payments, or are dealing with horrific medical bills. If you’re looking for tips on how to pay it off, Simone Milasis has some advice for you. And it’s mostly: Don’t pay your bills, listen to the universe, and keep buying more expensive stuff. It’s like a pyramid scheme that benefits nobody involved!

Australian site MamaM!a ran some of Milasis’s book, Getting Out of Debt Joyfully, which chronicles how she got out of $187,000 in debt. Readers who came across it had some strong opinions, and it’s not difficult to see why.

Here’s some insight from Milasis — who’s like The Secret meets Goop meets Suze Orman (with no disrespect to Suze):

If you pay your bills, the universe will only give you more bills.

People say, “I’ve got bills to pay! How can I put away 10 per cent of my income? I have to pay the bills first.” But, here’s the thing: if you pay your bills first, you will always have more bills. When you pay the bills first, the universe says, “Oh, okay. This person wishes to honour their bills. Let’s give them some more bills.” If you honour yourself by setting aside 10 per cent first, the universe says, “Oh, they are willing to honour themselves. They are willing to have more,” and it responds to that. It gives you more.

If you’re reasonably upset and worried over your financial state, you won’t attract money.

If you look at the energy of this, it’s contractive; it’s like throwing the depressing party that money doesn’t want to show up to. Money follows joy.

Seriously, it’s all about “the universe.”

Energetically, the universe starts to contribute to you as well and you start to have money show up in the most random places.

Just carry a bunch of cash — we’re talking $1,000 or more — around all the time.

Tool #2 for having money: carry around the amount of cash you think a rich person would carry.

If you avoid having money on you or in your life because you think you will lose it or it will be stolen from you, you will never allow yourself to have money at all.

Who knew solving a financial crisis could be so easy.

Please Do Not Follow This Woman’s Terrible Financial Advice