Teens Survive 3 Days of Being Lost in an Actual Maze of Bones

The Paris Catacombs. Photo: Getty Images

In a nightmare scenario that you unfortunately must consider now, two teens aged 16 and 17 were lost inside the Paris Catacombs for three days. That’s 72 hours trapped inside a 150-mile maze of bones, which is approximately 72 hours more than anyone should spend inside a maze of bones.

They were finally discovered on Wednesday morning by rescue dogs, the Guardian reports, and taken to the hospital for hypothermia treatment.

A one-mile portion of the Paris Catacombs — which hold the buried remains of over six million people — is open to the public. Entering the rest is illegal, though “schoolchildren and partygoers have been known to access them through secret entrance points.”

Anyway, how long until we get a “How to not get lost in the Paris Catacombs like a French girl” tutorial?

Teens Survive 3 Days of Being Lost in Actual Maze of Bones