The Daily Show Calls Megyn Kelly the ‘Tonya Harding of Cable News’

In the words of Drake, please don’t speak to Megyn Kelly like she’s that Fox anchor of five months ago, she’s at a higher place. Kelly’s Sunday night NBC show debuted to much fanfare — she scored an interview with Vladimir Putin, after all — but failed to deliver. (“Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly Spends 60 Minutes Trying to Be 60 Minutes,” offered The Hollywood Reporter.) In light of the new show, Daily Show correspondent Michelle Wolf combed through Kelly’s finest Fox News receipts, concluding that Kelly is trying to rebrand from her Fox News past. “Sorry, Megyn, you’re not the new Barbara Walters,” Wolf said. “You’re that Sprint/Verizon guy who just follows the money.”

Daily Show Labels Megyn Kelly the Tonya Harding of News