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The Handmen’s Tale Shows What Society Under Feminazi Rule Is Really Like

The Handmen’s Tale.

On the heels of The Handmaid’s Tale, the creative minds at Funny or Die have envisioned an even more chilling dystopia: The Handmen’s Tale, a world in which men must treat women with respect. “They ruined Ghostbusters and we didn’t wake up then,” narrates our brave hero, Manfred. “And when they were being shrill bitches 24/7, we didn’t wake up. Now we are Handmen.”

In this dark new world, Manfred (who “had another name before the war — it was Fred”) used to be a senior VP, but now he’s a senior VP with some female colleagues. Men can no longer manspread freely or joke about how their female colleagues can “take a dick,” but are instead forced to speak in feminazi-approved platitudes (“Blessed be the strong female protagonist”). Thankfully, an underground resistance is springing up on 4chan and Reddit, where brave Handmen like Lenadunhamhater69 are fighting for their right to say whatever they want about women’s tits.

Watch this harrowing cautionary tale below:

The Handmen’s Tale Shows What Feminazi Rule Is Really Like