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I’ve Worn These Tom Ford Sunglasses for Four Years

For most of my life, I’d break my sunglasses within weeks of purchasing them. So I thought my friends were insane when we hit our mid-20s and they started splurging on designer sunglasses — that is, until I came across these $415 Tom Ford “Snowdon” glasses.

My meet-cute with these shades occurred while shopping at a high-end department store with some friends. I couldn’t afford anything there, so I plopped down on a couch to pout and count down the minutes until I could politely bail and return to my broke life. But then I noticed a display of Tom Ford sunglasses and, out of sheer boredom, started trying them on. Once I touched the tortoiseshell Snowdon shades, everything changed for me. Although the glasses are unisex, they’re sleek and sophisticated and fit my petite face perfectly, and I couldn’t imagine throwing on another pair of $5 fake Ray-Bans ever again in my life.

Sad finances be damned, I decided I had to have these sunglasses. I spent a few weeks obsessing and, perhaps irresponsibly, opened up a new credit card so that I could buy them online. A few days later, they arrived — and for the past four years, I’ve worn them every single time it’s sunny outside.

By estimation, I would say I wear these shades at least half of the days out of the year, which is around 182 days annually. So in total, I’ve probably worn them at least 728 times. They’ve never broken — even on days when I’ve carried them in my purse without a case — and they are still in top-notch condition. So despite the hefty price tag, in my opinion these sunglasses are well-worth the splurge. If you’re anything like me, you’ll end up wearing them for years.

Tom Ford ‘Snowdon’ 50mm Sunglasses

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I’ve Worn These Tom Ford Sunglasses for Four Years