Upcoming Justin Trudeau PR Stunts

Justin Trudeau. Photo: Matteo Ciambelli/NurPhoto

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau has firmly cemented himself as the most charming world leader, a feat that has been aided by his good looks, the ineptitude of his peers, and, crucially, several encounters with ordinary civilians that have gone viral. He ran into a family while he was hiking shirtless in the woods, photobombed some wedding photos after a surfing session, and just happened to be jogging by when a group of teens was taking prom pictures. Following the latter incident, Guardian writer Ashifa Kassam pointed out that perhaps all of those run-ins are part of a deft PR strategy that allows Trudeau to bask in positive press while making political moves — like approving oil pipeline expansions and going along with major Saudi arms deals — that don’t jibe with his progressive image.

But Trudeau was already at it again on Monday, this time kayaking directly up to a family relaxing on Niagra-on-the-Lake for a quick chat.

Since he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, here are some other potential stunts from Trudeau you may need to watch out for:

● You’re in yoga class attempting to get into crow pose when you look over to the mat next to you and see Justin Trudeau wearing leggings, trying to do the same thing. He winks and mouths “namaste,” before toppling over.

● You stop at Tim Horton’s to get a 20-pack of Timbits, and find Justin Trudeau working the counter. When you open the box, every single doughnut hole is a tiny replica of his face. “Hey, uh, about that pipeline,” you start to say, but he just shushes you and shoves a Trudeaubit in your mouth. They’re not even edible.

● You’re on a first date and things are going well. As you leave the restaurant and slowly walk back to your house, you stop for a second and look into each other’s eyes. You lean in for a kiss but your heads bump …into Justin Trudeau, who is somehow standing between you.

● You’ve just given birth, and your closest family and friends are in the delivery room, taking turns passing your baby around. You look up to see Justin Trudeau cradling your child and informing the doctor that she’s named Justin, after him.

● You’re in the middle of getting your appendix removed when you suddenly wake up from the poorly administered anesthesia and realize that Justin Trudeau is standing above you, scalpel in hand, and trying to take a selfie. Wait a minute, does he even know how to perform surgery?

● You get home from a long day of work, and all you want to do is zone out and eat snacks. You turn on the TV, but every single channel is just showing different footage of Justin Trudeau. You get up to use the bathroom and find Justin Trudeau waiting for you on the couch with a bowl of freshly made popcorn. How did he even get into your house? And why is he shirtless?

Upcoming Justin Trudeau PR Stunts