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As a Single Woman, I’m Willing to Consider These Vibrating Yoga Pants

The NadiX yoga pants. Photo: Courtesy of Wearable X

A “wearable technology” company has created a pair of $300 yoga pants that are embedded with sensors that vibrate to help guide you through your yoga flow. That sounds great for me, because I love yoga and also I’m single.

As CNN reports, Wearable X previously designed Fundawear, a line of smartphone-controlled vibrating underwear for couples in long distance relationships. Now the company has introduced vibrating NadiX yoga pants, with five sensors sewn into the fabric that help the wearer improve their form in 30 different yoga poses, which may potentially make your Warrior II pose a lot more exciting.

“It gives you real-time feedback using pulses around the hips, knees, and ankles, so that you can adjust and learn your body in a really new and interesting way,” Wearable X founder Billie Whitehouse told CNN.

Unlike the Fundawear, NadiX does not target vibrations specifically toward underwear areas. Still, as I wade through the torturous waters of the New York City dating scene, the idea of vibrating while I do my Downward Dog sounds not-terrible. If only they weren’t $300?

I’m Willing to Consider These $300 Vibrating Yoga Pants