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These People Are So Vogue That I Do Not Understand What Happened at Their Wedding

Rich weddings are confusing. Photo: Getty Images

As it does, Vogue highlighted the “fairy tale” wedding of two extremely fancy people on Friday. This time around, bride and groom seem to be so incredibly fancy that my plebeian brain can barely comprehend what happened at their wedding.

Mercedes Lámbarri Altamira and Hervé Rigonat dated for two years and then got engaged after returning to Paris from a trip to Bali. It’s unclear whether she got two rings or just one with the engagement, but either way, that sounds nice. Because the couple is beautiful and wealthy, they decided to get married in Spain in a country house, la Finca, on property that had once been a royal park. Mercedes told Vogue, “It had been built by King Philip for his wife Élisabeth de France, and they were another Spanish-French couple!” Which, duh, everyone knows that.

Here’s where it gets more confusing. The couple wanted the property to “really stand out,” so they decorated the tables with “antique candleholders, mirrors, and green water glasses.” They surrounded the “cloister” with “a beautiful green wreath and candles, and the Finca and its gardens were entirely lit with an amber glow.” But I thought wreaths were for doors.

Anyway, the bride wore a Isabel Nuñez dress and, as she told Vogue, “I wore my grandmother’s pearl and diamond earrings, her Art Deco brooch in my hair — which I had made into a comb by the talented Mariana Barturen (she also made my gorgeous Balenciaga-inspired veil) — and my engagement ring.”

Did you get any of that? Most of this wedding’s description got so lost in my middle-class cerebrum that all I’ve really been able to retain from Vogue’s article is that there were antique candleholders, something to do with a Spanish king, and a very fancy comb. But congrats to the happy couple!

These People Are So Vogue, I Don’t Understand Their Wedding