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14 Sexy Women’s-Mag Headlines That Will Make You Go Ahh-OOH-Ga

Photo: 2017 Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images

You might reasonably assume the article “Rihanna’s Butt in This Tracksuit Is Straight Boi-Oi-Oing” appeared on a men’s lifestyle website trafficking primarily in soft-core porn. You’d be mistaken. It’s actually from Cosmopolitan.com, the international women’s website that’s long branded itself as a voice of sex-positive female empowerment. In their efforts to combine buzzy topics like “body positivity” and “feminism” with the kind of clickable content audiences crave, many women’s websites seem to have stumbled upon the oldest trick in the internet book: publishing naked-celebrity photos. This time, though, the upskirt paparazzi shots that used to crop up on creepy early-aughts blogs like What Would Tyler Durden Do? are cloaked in the guise of female empowerment — after all, isn’t being horny about Rihanna’s butt just a healthy example of sex positivity?

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It’s hard to pinpoint an exact time when it all started, but we might trace it back to the 2014 “Free the Nipple” movement and the accompanying wave of public bralessness — which, yes, the Cut also covered. So what’s next in the naked-celeb media life-cycle? Ads for male-enhancement products, alongside listicles of feminist nipple-freeing? Only time will tell. Until then, at least we can all agree Rihanna’s butt looks good in that tracksuit.

14 Sexy Women’s-Mag Headlines That Make You Go Ahh-OOH-Ga