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You Need to See This Handmaid’s Tale–Inspired Fashion Show

Photo: George Kraychyk/Hulu

Reality mimicked dystopian fantasy and vice versa in Vaquera’s Handmaid’s Tale–inspired fashion show held at New York City’s Angel Orensanz Center. The hip design collective showed off crimson dresses, giant white hats, and other pieces inspired by costume designer Ane Crabtree’s creations for the Hulu show. Crabtree herself walked in the show, telling Vogue, “You never know what to expect when someone is reinterpreting something. I reinterpreted Atwood’s work and I reinterpreted the German film from 1990 … I think it is cool that this collective wants to break new ground … They want to have gay, straight, old, transgender, large, small — everybody is all together on the stage.” Check out some photos below.

You Need to See This ‘Handmaid’s Tale’–Inspired Fashion Show