10 More Stories From the Goop ‘Conspiracy Theories’ Issue

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Have you noticed that Minions aficionado Gwyneth Paltrow and meat-mainlining conspiracy theorist Alex Jones have started to sound a little, well, similar? Sure, they both rely on a cult of personality to hawk questionably effective wellness products, but we’ve always pegged Gwyn as more New Age than New World Order. But Goop, it seems, is really leaning into this whole Infowars comparison with the release of “The Conspiracy Issue.” Articles include “What to Watch if You’re Cult-Curious” and “Conspiracy Hot Spots Worth the Trip.” Below, the Cut has compiled a few more headlines, which we can only assume were removed from the issue.

- Is Your Aloe Water Turning the Freaking Frogs Gay?

- 3 Organic Kool-Aid Recipes to Serve at Your End-of-the-World Party

- How to Make Sure Your Chakras Are Aligned Before the Coming Race War

- Tips for Feng Shui-ing Your Emergency Bunker

- 5 Conspiracy Sites to Lay Your Jade Egg

- From Marion Cotillard to Mark Ruffalo: The Sexiest 9/11 Truthers

- The Moon Landing Was a Lie, But This Moon Dust Works Wonders on My Skin

- How to Use Kegels to Communicate With Aliens

- The Best Pizza Places That Are Gluten and Child-Trafficking Free

- 8 All-Natural Beauty Products That Weren’t Funded by George Soros and the Global Zionist Conspiracy

10 More Stories From the Goop ‘Conspiracy Theories’ Issue