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Drunk British Bachelorettes Kicked Off Plane for Behaving Like ‘Screaming Creatures’

The “hens” at a Liverpool Airport bar before takeoff. Photo: Facebook / Emma Yates

The latest award for people curiously kicked off planes goes to an intrepid team of British bachelorettes flying from Liverpool, U.K., to Ibiza, Spain.

The “hens,” as they are called in the U.K., were escorted off the plane by Spanish police. They were accused of being drunk, fighting with each other, cursing loudly, and behaving like “screaming creatures.”

Of course, it’s quite an accomplishment to get kicked off a Ryanair flight, where insane things happen regularly. A bride was once spotted beating up one of her bachelorettes on a Ryanair flight to Barcelona. And last month, a woman was filmed graphically grinding a fellow passenger on the airline’s flight to Ibiza. (The woman later clarified that it was “just a lapdance.”)

Although the bachelorettes were reportedly retained by Spanish police, they didn’t seem too worried. One of the women, Emma Yates, defended herself on Facebook:

“Yes we was drunk. Yes we was embarrassed but eh a group of girls on holiday having fun so wot? Not a***d bout what people think or say!! Like you ain’t never done it!”

British Bachelorettes Kicked Off Plane for Being Too Drunk