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Princess Diana Discusses Loveless Marriage in Controversial New Footage

Photo: Tim Graham/Tim Graham/Getty Images

After years of dispute, controversial, never-before-seen video of Princess Diana will air next month in the new British documentary, Diana: In Her Own Words. In the tapes, which Diana’s friends have asked producers not to release, the princess shares anecdotes about the sadness she felt during her marriage to Prince Charles and details about an illicit love affair.

August marks the 20th anniversary of Diana’s death and a series of new documentaries, including Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy, which aired last week on HBO, is being released.

In the new film, Diana recounts the time she told Queen Elizabeth her union to Prince Charles wasn’t working. According to The Guardian:

“The princess reveals that five years into her marriage she went “sobbing” to the Queen once she believed she had “confirmation” that her marriage was loveless. “So I went to the top lady and said: ‘I don’t know what I should do’. She said: ‘I don’t know what you should do.’ And that was it. That was ‘help.’”

Diana also discusses one of her past lovers, widely assumed to be Barry Mannakee, a dapper royal-protection-squad officer tragically killed in a motorcycle accident:

“At 24, I fell deeply in love with someone who was part of all this and that was all found out and he was chucked out and then he was killed. And that was the deepest blow in my life I must say,” she says.

“But there was never any proof,” she adds. “I should never have played with fire, but I did and I got very burnt. Three weeks after he left, he was killed in a motorbike accident. And he was the greatest fun I have ever had.”

Princess Diana Discusses Marriage in Controversial New Film