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9 Pairs of Pretty Heels to Stash in Your Desk for Emergencies

Photo: Young Jun Koo

Figuring out what to wear to work shouldn’t be a bore. To make your weekdays easier, welcome to Business Casual. Every Wednesday, we’ll highlight the best office-appropriate clothes, whether it’s for the job you have or the one you want.

There are some days when you walk into work, look down and hate everything you’re wearing. Or it could be an afternoon meeting that completely slipped your mind and you’re not in your optimal power outfit. And who hasn’t been at her desk at 5 p.m. only to get a last-minute text about a last-minute drinks night with old friends. For all of those emergencies that require your look to have that extra kick, consider stashing a stylish pair of heels at your desk. Depending on your office, it could be as simple as a pair of deep-red suede pumps or a patterned round-toe style. For others who can get away with wilder styles, there are fun pink slingbacks or floral options to really add oomph. The best part? They’re all under $200, so scroll ahead to shop our favorite emergency desk shoes.

If you can get away with a flashy shoe at the office, this metallic pink style is a good find for $35.

Deep-red suede is just interesting enough to fly in even the most traditional work environments.

If you’re wearing black trousers and a simple solid-colored blouse, a pair of floral pumps is that extra kick to make it feel street-style inspired.
Original Price: $120

Photo: afront

Not everyone can appreciate a pair of strange white pumps, but if you’re the type to wear arty-black pieces to work, this looks especially cool.

With their very on-trend pink color and swishy tassels, they can go from the office to a nice dinner.
Original Price: $268


Much like silver sneakers, silver heels can be your hidden styling trick when you want something flashy on your feet.

Here’s another pair of conservative office-friendly shoes that aren’t your typical black pumps.
Original Price: $280


Yes, they’re heavily inspired by Céline, but if you’re a minimalist on a budget, that’s precisely what you need in your closet.

For the girl who wants to graduate from flats but still needs to be able to walk, consider these pretty kitten heels.

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9 Pairs of Shoes to Stash in Your Desk for Emergencies