An Ode to Taika Waititi’s Pineapple-Covered Sense of Style

Taika Waititi. Photo: 2017 Getty Images

The whole point of the RompHim, so I thought, was that nobody would actually pull it off. But you know who can? Taika Waititi. The New Zealand native and director of the upcoming film Thor: Ragnarok knows he’s a style icon (just look at his Twitter). That’s fair; we’d gloat, too. Read on for the tenets of his style.

1. Pineapples. Man loves a good pineapple print, and not even in a let-me-accessorize-my-bar-cart-with-a-rose-gold-pineapple-glass hipster kind of way. @taika_fashion, the premiere source for Waititi fashion on Twitter, created an incredible thread of his best pineapple-centric looks, from rompers to short-sleeved button-down shirts buttoned all the way. That’s a good look.

2. Embellished jackets. If pineapples aren’t a big enough statement piece for you, throw on a jacket with a tiger on it.

Photo: 2016 Getty Images

3. Funky hats. Think about the last time you saw someone actually pull off a page-boy cap. Well, you’re about to. Thank you, Taika Waititi.

Photo: 2010 Getty Images

4. Shirts buttoned all the way. This may be the crux of Waititian fashion: a shirt buttoned up all the way to the collar. Seriously — look at any picture of the man in a button down. Either he’s constantly forgetting to add a tie, or it’s a style choice that he is really pulling off.

Photo: 2014 Getty Images

*Googles “chic page-boy hats”*

An Ode to Taika Waititi’s Pineapple-Covered Sense of Style