Women Go to the Bathroom in Groups, Men Go to Get Vasectomies in Groups

It’s the fraternity mentality. Photo: Getty Images

The Wall Street Journal is reporting a new “trend” of group vasectomies that read more like a post-wedding bro trip than a medical procedure, complete with “booze, steaks, prescription drugs.”

A normal vasectomy, featuring a doctor and a sterile environment, costs around $500, but a bro-sectomy retreat can cost several thousand dollars. The Wall Street Journal cites two urologists in California and Las Vegas (naturally) who have seen more men, often co-workers, come in for group procedures.

Dr. Ernest Sussman, a urologist in Las Vegas, said, “It’s almost like a fraternity mentality, where one guy says they may do it,” which then piques interest of “the other guys who’ve been contemplating it. All of a sudden they have the energy or courage.”

Look, whatever men have to do to convince themselves that being responsible for birth control is cool and manly, go for it.

Men Are Supposedly Going on Bro Trips to Get Vasectomies