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How to Contour for the Real World (and Not Instagram)

The Face Race pits some of the best makeup artists in New York City against each other in a seven-minute makeup challenge. The catch? They don’t know which look New York’s senior beauty editor Ashley Weatherford will request until moments before the clock starts ticking.

Contouring certainly isn’t new, but it kicked up steam several years ago thanks to a perfect storm of social media and — whether you like it or not — the Kardashians. And while a contoured face (think: high cheekbones and a chiseled chin) plays nicely in front of a camera, it can look oddly distorted in real life. What’s worse is that it takes forever to achieve.

That’s where Face Race jumps into the fray. This week two makeup artists — Ashley Walters and Dominique Portes — demonstrate how to master a full contoured look in under seven minutes, with Kim Kardashian as the muse. Even better: They show how to contour for real life, and not for a quick snapshot under exquisitely perfect lighting. Find out how in the video above.

Producers: Madison Mills, Kenny Wassus; Beauty editor: Ashley Weatherford; Market editor: Lindsay Peoples; Hairstylist: Tamara Laureus.

How to Contour for the Real World (and Not Instagram)