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Kendrick Lamar Brought Back Man Buns in the ‘Loyalty’ Video

Kendrick Lamar. Photo: Courtesy of YouTube/KendrickLamarVEVO

Man buns are a despicable trend, one only made worse by overexposure. In the past few years, the follicular abominations have made it to the cover of The New Yorker and have been parodied on Portlandia. They have dominated Google search terms and launched an industry of clip-on man-bun merkins. They have infected the heads of pretty much every middle-aged white male celebrity grasping onto the last remnants of their fading coolness (Jared Leto, Matt Damon, Leo DiCaprio). They almost — horror of horrors — spoiled Game of Thrones.

So imagine our surprise when we watched the new “Loyalty” video (featuring Rihanna!) and saw a man bun that we not only liked, but that we loved.

Witness the resplendent man bun, bouncing as Kendrick rushes to Rihanna’s defense!

Behold the bounteous man bun, quivering with passion as he leans in for a kiss.

Gaze upon the steadfast man bun, helping Kendrick balance so he doesn’t drop Rih off the side of a building.

Rejoice at the sight of two twin man buns, working together in perfect harmony.

Special credit to the man bun’s scene partner, Rihanna, who can really make anyone (or anything) look cool.

Kendrick Lamar Brought Back Man Buns in the ‘Loyalty’ Video