Kesha’s New Song Emphatically Declares: ‘I’m a Motherf*cking Woman’

Kesha’s not just a natural woman or an everywoman, she’s a motherfucking woman, and you can hear her roar all about it on another song off her upcoming new album. “Woman” is the second song from Rainbow that has Kesha asserting independence in both her life and career. While “Praying” was emotional vindication after years of going without new music while mired in a legal battle with her former producer Dr. Luke, “Woman” is a rollicking feminist anthem that has Kesha declaring herself a “motherfucking woman,” backed by the legendary Dap-Kings band. “Don’t buy me a drink, I make my money / Don’t touch my weave, don’t call me ‘honey’ / Cause I run my shit, baby,” she chants before reaching for yet another upper register whistle. In an essay for Rolling Stone, Kesha says the song is meant to empower other women and remind men that females are some bad motherfuckers:

I have always been a feminist, but for much of my life I felt like a little girl trying to figure things out. In the past few years, I have felt like a woman more than ever. I just feel the strength and awesomeness and power of being female. We hold the key to humanity. We decide if we populate the Earth, and if so, with whom. We could just decide not to have any more kids and the human race would be over. That is power. I just really fucking love being a woman and I wanted an anthem for anyone else who wants to yell about being self-sufficient and strong. (Yes, men, this song can be for you too.) … It’s important for me that people know that there are a lot of emotions on my new album Rainbow — but the wild fun energy that first inspired me to perform has not, and will never, go away. I’m still a motherfuckerrr.

Hear Kesha’s New Feminist Anthem, ‘Woman’