Leonardo DiCaprio Reportedly Brags to Models That He Never Works Out

Leonardo DiCaprio. Photo: Andrew Toth/WireImage

When newsboy-cap aficionado Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t busy hiding underneath things, he can often be found ruling over the Pussy Posse or fighting climate change with office supplies. But one thing you apparently won’t find him doing, however, is ever hitting the gym.

“Page Six” reports the famed Citi Bike–rider was overheard dishing about his lack of workout habits to a bunch of models at a pre–Fourth of July party in Malibu. A “spy” told the gossip column, “It was a party at this private estate. He was drinking his beer and bragging to these models about how he doesn’t work out.”

Yet, the models were apparently not impressed by DiCaprio’s claim, “Page Six” notes. “The girls were like, ‘Does he think that’s attractive? It’s not like he’s in ‘Titanic’ shape anymore,’” the “source” said.

To be fair, Leo’s not the only guy who doesn’t exercise nowadays.

Leonardo DiCaprio Reportedly Tells Models He Never Works Out