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Lindsay Lohan Wants You to Stop Bullying Donald Trump

Lindsay Lohan and Donald Trump Photo: Getty Images

After praising Vladimir Putin on Russian TV and sharing a photo op with Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Lindsay Lohan has found a new strongman to cozy up to. Responding to a Twitter user who shared a Breitbart article praising Trump, the actress-turned-refugee-activist called for people to stop “bullying” the president and “start trusting him.”

She also shared some support for the rest of the Trump family.

Lohan — who previously came out as a Hillary supporter — has experienced some of Trump’s own bullying firsthand. Last year, a 2004 Trump interview with Howard Stern circulated in which Trump described the actress as “deeply troubled and therefore great in bed.” Yet if there’s one thing Lindsay seems to have taken away from her Mean Girls experience, it’s that not even Regina George deserves to be Regina George-d.

“I wish him the best,” Lohan said last year in response to the Stern interview. “We live in a world of societies that consistently find fault in people. I think it’s a really scary factor. Taking someone else down is never the answer, and I think we all know that.”

Lindsay Lohan Wants You to Stop Bullying Donald Trump