Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of July 10

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Yesterday was a full moon in Capricorn. This week, the moon will move through Aquarius, Pisces, and Aries, as it wanes from full to its last quarter. This isn’t a week for starting new projects, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be in motion. What path are you already on, and what have you learned from it?

Aries: You don’t always have to know your own way.
It’s okay, sometimes, to work from an incomplete map, and it’s okay to doubt the facts and files stored inside your head. Sometimes you lose your own footing, and that’s to be expected. Even when you aren’t sure how far to trust your own thoughts, you still have dreams, full of color and riddles. You still have the wild wordless feeling of music resonating in your bones.

Taurus: You’ve worked so hard to be here now, but not even hard work will prevent you from feeling untethered, sometimes. It’s okay: If you start to worry, if you start to wonder why you’re standing here, it might help to drink a glass of water. It might help to read a poem out loud, feeling the rhythm in the voice that’s yours.

Gemini: This is a week about the people around you and your relationships with them, relationships that are filled with kindness or anger or a fierce bright confusion. This week, you might notice some shifts. But remember, there are so many ways to be a person next to other people, so many ways to build and break connections. Sometimes love moves like a river, and sometimes it looks like a wall. Sometimes, all you can do is watch while it takes on its true form.

Cancer: For every good way there is to fill a day, there’s also a way to let the time stretch and float and wobble. For all the ways you know to grow stronger and braver, there are also ways to look out at the horizon and feel yourself become small and afraid. This is a week for filling your days carefully and courageously. If you need an anchor, listen to the bird songs outside, or the music pumping joyfully from the cars on your block, or the voices of your neighbor’s sweet noisy children.

Leo: How will you plan for a future you can’t yet see? How can you reach for a future when your feet can’t find the ground? You already know how to move, and you already know how to fight. You already know the steady beating of your own heart, and you know what your skin and guts long for. It’s okay, this week, to take a tentative step into the dark. Forward motion doesn’t always feel like a sprint.

Virgo: It’s worth reminding yourself, sometimes, that change isn’t something to be avoided, and that measurable forward growth not the only kind of change worth reaching for. And if you can’t stay still your whole life, and if you can’t always move forward in one straight reliable line, what else is there? There are surprises, and wildness in your heart.

Libra: Sometimes, the greatest challenge is just to steel yourself against ideas that are too simple, against the stories about yourself that are easiest to believe.
You don’t have to believe the funny, seductive voice of your own self-loathing, or the sugary voices telling you it’s okay to stop trying. You can trust your own gut and you can trust your own skin, but sometimes it’s harder to access your own body’s wisdom than you might imagine.

Scorpio: Some weeks, more than others, you can feel the rivers rising, you can feel the tides ebbing and flowing. Some weeks you can feel your own blood pumping through you, steady and alive. You don’t have to know you’re breathing to keep breathing. You don’t have to control the earth’s gravity to keep living. Sometimes you can just travel on waves of feeling, waves of desire, waves of wild emotion.

Sagittarius: There’s so much to be done in the world, so many projects to work on, so many ideas that sparkle and wave. There are so many flowers that line the streets, and so many windows that shine in the evening with warm yellow light. And it’s a good thing, a sweet thing, to live in a world so full of sun and possibility, but you can’t live every life you’ve ever imagined. You can only make your own life good. If you set aside, for now, some of the possibilities that surround you, what would you focus on?

Capricorn: When the sky gets heavier, when the air gets thick with humidity, it’s so easy to let yourself forget all you ever loved in yourself, to forget all you ever loved in the world. But it’s all still here for you, waiting.
There are still places in the world that are quiet, and places that swell with music. Your dreams are still your own, private and strange. You still know how to wield the magic you’ve always had — it’s just a matter of remembering.

Aquarius: There are struggles that are good and right, and there are struggles you don’t need. Not everything difficult will make you bigger. Not everything painful can turn into something bright. This is your only life, and it’s all yours. There’s no reason not to treat yourself with all the gentleness and love you need. The world’s already hard; you’ve already been brave. There’s no reason not to allow yourself whatever happiness you can find.

Pisces: Sometimes, you just need to spend an afternoon alone, which doesn’t mean you’re asking to spend your lifetime that way. Sometimes, you just need to shout, and it doesn’t mean you’re asking for nothing but anger. You’re going to keep growing however you grow. And somewhere, there’s a place where you can sit and be, where you can let your own wildness pass through you. Give yourself these small quiet moments, when you don’t demand more of yourself.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of July 10