Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of July 17

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On Thursday, Mars enters Leo, and on Saturday, the sun follows. You might feel a new directness in the sunlight, a new generosity in the air. You might feel your blood run electric inside you. It’s a new season, all over again, and you can let it make you brave.

Aries: Take a minute this week, when the air around you is quiet and the energy in you electric, to think about the thing you’ve been waiting for, the thing you’ve been holding back on. This, right now, might be the time to start. It might be the time to make a move. If you’ve been waiting for a sign, you can keep watching the sky, but don’t think you need to wait for permission.

Taurus: This is a week for bending, for shifting, for changing shape and direction. It’s okay to bend toward the sunlight you need. It’s okay to cut your hair. You have the power this week to resist anyone else’s ideas of what you should look like, or what the shape of your life should be. There is no ideal form to strive for; there’s only life, and there’s more than one way to grow up strong. Nothing is written in the stars except movement.

Gemini: If you don’t trust your work this week, what can you do to change that? What can you do to become grand again in your thoughts, to become wild, to believe in the places your own mind can lead you? It’s your choice, how you’ll use your body and how you’ll use your time, and you don’t have to know yet how that will be. Trust in yourself can be built like muscle, like a house.

Cancer: Think about the happiness you’re seeking, or the freedom, or the bright blazing ambition. This is a week to think clearly about your desires, without hiding from them, without burying them too deep in your body to hear them speak. You don’t need to fear the barriers ahead of you — some are walls you can climb and walls you can destroy and walls you can walk straight through, like a magic trick, like they never existed at all.

Leo: This is a week for tinkering, for mending, for making repairs. There’s a longing, sometimes, to leave the whole world behind, to keep walking until there’s nothing but wilderness around you, until you’ve reached a place where you can begin anew. But there’s a sweetness in continuity, too. There’s still a dignity in working to heal the wounds that exist now, a hope that lives in mending.

Virgo: How will you engage with the world this week? How will you live your life among all the world’s other plants and people? There are different ways of looking at a landscape, different ways of understanding your body in the world. You aren’t alone here. There are pleasures in staying inside and looking out the window at a changing world, but this is a week for the pleasures of walking out onto the street and feeling the warm air on your skin.

Libra: The physical world might be finite — the continents have edges and the sea has a bottom — but this isn’t a week for acting like the whole world revolves around scarcity. How can you know the limits of your feelings? How can you know the limits of your goodness, unless you push? The universe might not go on forever, but for now there are birds in flight, gentle rain in the morning. There’s no need to save all your love for the end of the world.

Scorpio: As you grow up, and grow older, and grow into yourself, there are parts of you that whither, deflate, go cold. Even in the forest, brush can dry and burn, and this is part of a healthy life, not a failure, not a loss to mourn. This week, you might reach a turning point where you’ll need to decide what to do with some of your ghosts. Will you breathe life back into them and carry them forward? Or will you let them fall, gently, to the ground?

Sagittarius: How does it feel when you raise your voice this week? How does it feel to shout, and how does it feel to sing? How does it feel to speak only the truths you know? If the world throws some small strangeness at you, this is a chance to test the strength of your voice. If a storm howls at night, if a song beats in your chest, how will you let this energy live in your body? How much love and how much courage will your voice bear?

Capricorn: It’s such a thorny problem sometimes, living your human life in this big world, but there is joy here, too. Let yourself notice it this week. Let yourself notice the crackle of energy when you make a guess that turns out right, and the jolt of recognition when a truth that was once hidden suddenly becomes clear. Let yourself notice the feeling of cool water against your skin, or the floaty feeling of sleep after a long day.

Aquarius: It takes one kind of skill to move through the world quickly, with determination, with efficiency and ease. Slowing down takes skills altogether different, though it offers rewards just as great. How can you ease into a different way to live in time? Can you slow down enough that you remember your own heartbeat? Can your slow down enough that you can feel the world slowly expanding around you?

Pisces: This week, stillness isn’t a passive project. There are ways to make a change in your life without running away from the place where you are now. You don’t have to bring yourself to a whole new landscape every time you need to take a breath. Being known and being seen might feel like unbearable pressure, but sometimes this pressure is what keeps your heart beating. Think about what calls you home again when you lose your way.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of July 17