Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of July 3

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Tomorrow, Venus moves into Gemini. Then on Wednesday, Mercury moves into Leo. Together, these planets might make the world around you sparkle and beckon. If your thoughts become daring and grand, and your voice has the boldness and the courage to back them up, what will you be able to do, this week?

Aries: When the world tries to make sense of you, it’s okay to push back. You’re made of life and motion, and you have work to do here beyond making yourself perfectly knowable. Your wildness is a thing of value too. Even under the world’s watchful eyes, you’re allowed to shift and change. You’re allowed to define who you are, then define yourself anew.

Taurus: Notice the way other people move and speak. Notice the way history speaks through the living world. You can trust your own eyes this week, and you can trust your own skin. You have a sharp sense of goodness and of cruelty, and it won’t steer you wrong. The world holds its own kind of wisdom, and you’ll see it if you look.

Gemini: It can be difficult to remember that beyond your projects, beyond your work, beyond even your friendships, you’re still a full person. Think of the green forests that grow without being tended. Think of the ocean depths no human has ever seen. There’s something in you still, something bigger than your daily life, bigger than the whole bright city. There’s a whole wilderness in your heart, and it’s okay to let it grow.

Cancer: This is a week for fighting the desire to be saved by some bright external force. When the people around you are as wounded as this, it’s hard not to desire a power that could heal everyone in an instant. But most good things take a very long time. Living, too, takes a long time. You’re moving at a human pace, but you aren’t powerless, and you aren’t alone.

Leo: There’s so much to be done, and there’s so much life to live, and even when the sun rises early, even when blue night comes late, the days still move so quickly. It’s a struggle, sometimes, not to let the tiredness overwhelm you. Recognize, as much as you’re able, when to move and when to wait, when to fight and when to let yourself rest, fully and deeply. In the face of these heavy waves of exhaustion, how will you hold on to the sweetness of being alive?

Virgo: It’s so difficult, so quietly brutal, to live with all your memories, and with all the past selves you still carry inside you. How confusing it is to grow, but to stay in the same human form. How strange it is to get older, but still hold on to the memory of being young and tender and afraid. How, this week, will you listen to the people you’ve been before? How will your honor the gifts they’ve given you? How, finally, will you allow yourself to grow, to lay your old sorrows down?

Libra: Even you, with your skin so attuned to electric changes in the air, can only know what you know. Even you, with your heart so full of feeling for the world, can only feel what you feel. There are always more shades of grief and joy, but you don’t have to chase them. You don’t have to strive for mastery, to bend your own shape to fit every possible curve and angle. The world will always be larger than you, and what a gift this is.

Scorpio: Some days are for moving through boredom, and some are for moving through exhaustion. Some days, it’s hard to tell the difference between the two. Sometimes, the world collapses into a strange flat place with no wind, no color, no movement. How can you keep moving through here? How can you bring yourself back to life again? You can rest, if you need rest, but remember also what it’s like to feel excited.

Sagittarius: You might feel like you don’t have enough to show for yourself, for how hard you’ve been working. Your efforts are bright and they’re real, and they’ll carry you to strange good places, but this can be hard to remember when you’re still in the wild, when you’re still in the thick of it, searching. This week, try to trust your body’s movements. Try to trust the path your thoughts are on. You aren’t a finished product, and you never have to be.

Capricorn: This might be one of those weeks when you feel far from your people and far from the world you want. There’s a specific kind of loneliness to living among people you haven’t chosen; there’s a loneliness to not being seen clearly. Just don’t let it draw all the life from you. It’s always within your power to stay generous, to stay funny and strange.

Aquarius: If the world feels dim and dull this week, made of sorrow and metal and concrete, you can look for the spots of green, in gardens and sidewalks. And if the little spots of green aren’t enough, raise your eyes and look up to the sky. Watch the colors change, watch the clouds move, watch the stars and the moon come out. Even from where you stand now, the world moves on all these different levels. There’s mystery below and mystery above — you just have to look.

Pisces: There are forces wilder and bigger than you are, forces that move over you like the wind, but there are other powers you can resist. Some amount of suffering might be inevitable, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessary or good. You don’t need to seek out suffering like it will make you better, like it will make you human, like it’ll save you in the end. Sometimes you still get to choose what’s going to rule you, and what’s not.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of July 3