Extremely Chill Mark Ruffalo Asks Reince Priebus to Do Him a Solid and Take Down the Trump Administration

Mark Ruffalo. Photo: Getty Images

Mark Ruffalo contains multitudes: He’s an actor. A henley-wearer. An environmentalist. A Bernie Bro. But most importantly, he is a native of Kenosha, Wisconsin — a fact that he is trying to use as common ground with Reince Priebus in his effort to convince him to take down the Trump administration.

On Sunday, a couple of days after it was announced that Priebus was ousted as Trump’s chief of staff, TMZ interviewed Ruffalo outside of LAX. The resulting clip makes it ever clearer that Mark Ruffalo in real life and Mark Ruffalo’s character in The Kids Are All Right are converging into one. It also features Ruffalo directly appealing to Priebus.

“Me and Reince Priebus, we’re from the same place. We’re both from Kenosha, Wisconsin,” he said. “And I tweeted out to him a couple weeks ago, you should stop carrying water for this administration because he’s gonna end up being the fall guy. And of course, that’s what he is.”

Ruffalo did in fact tweet that at Priebus earlier this month:

In 2012, he also tweeted at Priebus to tell him that he wasn’t acting “very Kenoshian.”

When the interviewer points out that Priebus reportedly didn’t sign a nondisclosure agreement, Ruffalo continued. “Maybe he’ll end up being a hero one day and taking down this administration once and for all,” he said. “Reince, c’mon man. I know you’re from Kenosha. You still got some heart left in ya.”

Reince Priebus was born in New Jersey.

Chill Mark Ruffalo Asks Reince Priebus to Take Down Trump