the horny time

Lotta Horny Ants at Wimbledon

Horny ant attack! Photo: 2017 Getty Images

It’s no surprise that this year’s horny time, compared to years prior, is hornier than it’s ever been. After a long winter of anger and disappointment, everyone desperately needs to blow off some steam in any sexy way possible — horned-up flying ants included.

Flying Ant Day — an annual occasion in Britain where millions of flying ants swarm everywhere to mate with each other — made its mark this year at the Wimbledon tennis tournament, rendering performance difficult and annoying players. The New York Times reports on the horny ants:

The bugs began to appear around noon, with some landing on any surface they could find. Players could be seen swatting away the ants, and certain angles made it appear as if the players were being overwhelmed at times.

France’s Jo-Wilfried Tsonga said of the intimate phenomenon, “It was special sometimes — it was in my nose and in my ear.”

Photo: 2017 Getty Images

Don’t resist the Horny Time. It comes for us all eventually.

Lotta Horny Ants at Wimbledon