Wedding Announcement About Dave Matthews Band Superfans Leaves Us With More Questions Than Answers

Dave Matthews. Photo: Getty Images

Every weekend, the New York Times publishes several short wedding announcements that don’t go into nearly as much detail as the Vows column does. This is generally beneficial for the featured couples, since we don’t get as much opportunity to hate them. But sometimes, they leave us wanting much, much more. In this case, perhaps too much.

Take, for instance, the nuptials of Danna Meredith Finestone and Hal Brett Spivack. The listing starts off pretty standard, with the location of the wedding and officiant. It moves on to their jobs and their parents’ jobs.

And then:

Ms. Finestone, a fan of the Dave Matthews Band, got Mr. Spivack’s attention in 2012 after posting a photo on her Facebook page of about 15 tickets to the band’s summer tour. They soon met at one of the concerts. Collectively, they have attended 185 concerts of the band.

Way to bury the lede! Here’s hoping their wedding was DMB-tailgate themed, fire-dancer stickers and all.

Dave Matthews Band Superfans Get Married