This Gallery Asked Artists to Submit Work Inspired by Roger Ailes and Fox News

Cindy Hinant, Celebrity Grid (It’s How He Is); 2017 Photo: Courtesy of the artist and yours mine & ours

Former Fox News CEO and serial sexual assaulter Roger Ailes died over two months ago, but for yours mine & ours gallery in New York, there is still plenty to say about his legacy. In a new exhibition running now through August 4, a group of artists explore what it means to live in an era following the death of Ailes and the firing of Bill O’Reilly. Let’s call it a reluctant memorial.

“Post-election politics and media have been on all of our minds,” co-curator RJ Supa told the Cut about the idea behind the exhibit. “Between the firing of Bill O’Reilly and the death of Roger Ailes, it almost felt hopeful, like we could emerge from this on the other side.”

While some pieces in the show touch on the subject more overtly than others — Cindy Hinant employs a magazine photo of Ivanka Trump in her work Celebrity Grid (It’s How He Is) — the perspective of all the pieces is cohesive along the theme. “Most of the artists responded in a way that really addresses the power dynamics in any white, cis, straight male-dominated society,” Supa said, adding, “[Those dynamics] are certainly not limited to Fox News.”

The Gallery Show Memorializing the End of Roger Ailes