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Saudi Arabia Will Now Let Girls Take Gym Class

Photo: Hasan Jamali/AP

Regardless of how many “empowering” roundtables Ivanka Trump wants to hold there, Saudi Arabia remains one of the most repressive countries in the world for women’s rights. But one change indicates the slightest movement in a more progressive direction: Girls in public schools will be now be allowed to take physical-education classes.

Schools still remain gender-segregated, as does nearly everything in the kingdom (including, reminder, Toby Keith concerts). Per the New York Times, when they announced this new measure on Tuesday, the Saudi Education Ministry ascribed it to Vision 2030 — which serves both as the country’s plan for the future and an international PR campaign.

The gym classes will commence during the coming academic year. Now, how about letting women drive and, uh, not executing them for “sorcery.”

Saudi Arabia Will Now Let Girls Take Gym Class